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Topic 1: Importance of Education

It is an understatement to suggest that education is vital. Education is a life-enhancing weapon. The essential tool for changing one's life is undoubted. A child's education starts at home. The procedure ends in death for a long time. The quality of a person's life is undoubtedly determined by education. Education enhances one's knowledge, talents and personality, and behavior. Most notably, the possibilities of individuals working are affected by education. A well-trained person is likely to acquire a good job. In terms of employment, uneducated persons will likely be significantly disadvantaged (Bhardwaj, 2016). It seems that with the assistance of education, many of the underprivileged better their lives.

Topic 2: Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is often commonly referred to as the "cell phone." It is a voice-calling device. Today, advances in technology have made our lives simple. Today, by moving our fingers, we may communicate with someone worldwide or video chat with them using a mobile phone. Mobile phones with varied technological characteristics and various applications such as voice calls, video clips, instant messaging and SMS, video conferencing, Internet surfing, email, video gameplay, and photography are currently available in diverse forms and sizes (Ramya et al., 2017). Therefore, the smartphone is named. Just like every gadget, mobile phones have their advantages and disadvantages, which we are presently debating.

Topic 3: Computer

The modern computer is an integral component of our everyday lives. In the recent decade, their use has also grown significantly. In every office, whether individual or public, they are now using the computer. For many years, humanity has been utilizing computers. They are also utilized for other areas, such as agriculture, design, industrial manufacture, defense, etc. They transformed the world first and foremost. Computers are also becoming a need and a danger. This is because hackers are robbing and leaking your info over the internet. Anybody can also access this information (Lajoie & Derry, 2013). In addition, malware, spams, bug, and many other issues also face more challenges.















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