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A 100 foot wire is extended from the ground to the top of a 60 foot pole, whish is perpendicular to the level ground. Find to the nearest degree, the measure of the angle that the wire makes with the ground.

f(x) = 6 arcsin square root 1-x

A submarine sailed 30 nautical miles from X to Y on a course of 040°. It then sailed
55 nautical miles due east to Z. Find the distance and bearing of Z from X.
In solving triangles, when do you use Law of Sines? How about the Law of Cosines? Give at least 2 examples for each.

Find side a in ∆ABC, side b = 12 m, side c = 20 m and angle B = 45˚.

PROBLEM 4. In a frustum of right circular cone the altitude is 3 cm and the radii of the bases are 2 cm and 6 cm. Find the lengths of the slant height and altitude of the entire cone of which this frustum is a part.
FINAL ANSWER: ______________________________ ____________________________________
PROBLEM 2. A pyramidal monument has an octagonal base, each side of which is 2 m. Each lateral edge of the pyramid is 3m. Find the total cost of painting the lateral surface of the monument at PhP 730.00 per square meter?
FINAL ANSWER: _______________________________________
The straight line which passes through one vertex and though the mid-point of the opposite side is called
PROBLEM 1. The height of the frustum of a cone is 3 m, the diameter of one base is twice that of the other. The slant height of the frustum is inclined to the greater base at an angle of 450. Find the volume of the frustum.
FINAL ANSWER: _______________________________________
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