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Sketch the 3 trigonometric functions of sin θ, cos θ and tan θ over one complete cycle, where 00 ≤ θ ≤ 360

Complete the sketches on separate graphs for the three trigonometric functions.

Find the volume of a frustum of a regular square pyramid if the base edges are 7 cm and 19 cm, and one lateral edge is inclined at an angle of 60 degrees with the lower base.


If cos(x) = -(5/13) and π/2 ≤ x ≤ π, find the value of sin(x) and tan(x).

On a walking holiday you travel from the start, 𝑆, 5km on a bearing of 60° to point 𝑃. Then you change direction and walk for 5km on a bearing of 300° arriving at the finish 𝐹. What is your distance and bearing now from the start? Draw a diagram as part of your answer. 

A wheel that is drawn by a belt is making 1revolution per second (r/s). If the wheel is 18cm in diameter, what is the linear velocity of the belt in cm/s? 

A bicycle with 20 inch wheels is travelling down a road at 15mi/h. Find the angular velocity of the wheel in revolutions per minute.

sin(theta+pi/6)+cos(theta+pi/3)=cos theta

A 6.7m totem pole is being erected on Vancouver Island.  The carvers know that the tethers holding the pole in place need to meet the ground at an angle of 39° for maximum stability.  Albert states that they should use the cosine ratio to determine how the long the tethers should be. Stanley argues that they should use the sine ratio.

Find the value of the x. Y is 30 degrees and side is 14

The L and C State Building is 1, 250 m tall. What is the angle of elevation of 

the top from a point on the ground 1,760 m from the base of the building?

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