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Answer on Geometry Question for tanmay

Question #4654
A punching machine is used to create a circular hole of diameter 2 unit from a square sheet of aluminum of width 2 unit, as shown in the figure. The hole is punched such that the circular hole touches one corner P of the square sheet and the diameter of the hole originating at P is in line with a diagonal of the square.

The area of the sheet that remains after punching is

a. 10/7 sq.u
b. 22/7 sq.u
c. 5/7 sq.u
d. 9/7 sq.u
Expert's answer
Answer is a. 10/7

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Assignment Expert
22.10.2012 09:21

Dear visitor
You're right, thanks for correcting us

kishan kumar
22.10.2012 07:34

the answer is wrong by this method i m getting 10/7 plz correct it sir.

Assignment Expert
10.08.2012 11:34

Dear visitor
Please, read the answer more attentively. It's stated there that diagonal of the small square(not initial one!)-the square inscribed in the circle equals to diameter.

09.08.2012 06:08

but its not given that the circle's diameter is equal to the diagonal. its only given that its in line with it...

Assignment Expert
20.10.2011 13:13

We were pleased to help you

20.10.2011 12:35

thank you sir!

Assignment Expert
20.10.2011 10:13

Draw a square incribed the circle. ( You have half that square already; 2
sides of that square are the segments created by the circle and the
large square)

Diameter of the circle is equal to diagonal of that small square.

Using small square's diagonal to calculate the its side.

Calculate the small square's area.

The circle's area = small square's area + 4 additonal pieces ( on the
original graph, you can see there are two of them already. After drawing
the small square, you will see all)

So area of 4 pieces = The circle's area - small square's area

If the circle were incribed in the big square, the remain area would be: Big square'area - circle's area

However, 2 small pieces is outside the big square, then the remain area will be:

(Big square's area - circle's area ) + 2 small pieces

And we have known how to calculate each item in the equation as I mentioned above.

Hope it helps.

19.10.2011 06:00

can u please provide me with steps please

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