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Your friend has prepared his monthly budget and asks you if he has overlooked anything in this planning.
Which of the following questions points out his most serious omission?

What if your income from stocks is lost?
What if you need to go to the doctor?
What if the electric bill increases?
What if you need to replace the furnace?
the simple interest rate which is equal rate of 12% per year for a period of 18 months is
You invest R20000 at rate of 10% per annum After how many years will investment grow to value of R28 000 if interest earned is compounded?
Alistar has an annual income of $25,000. He decides to take classes on line and at night so that he can continue to work. After 3 years he gets his degree and immediately starts earning $32,000 per year. If it takes Alistar 6 years to recover his investment for his education, how much did it cost him?
You consider buying a business for R600 000. The business is expected to run for 5 years and the following net returns are expected..

Year 1- R160 000
Year 2- R250 000
Year 3- R190 000
Year 4- R180 000
Year 5- R130 000

Should you buy the business? A project of this type is expected to return at least 11% per annum. (Show details of your calculation)
can you tell me about financial maths briefly
A local Dunkin’ Donuts shop reported that its sales have increased exactly 14% per year for the last 2 years. This year’s sales were $81,413. What were Dunkin' Donuts' sales 2 years ago?(Round each year’s sales to the nearest dollar.)
850 and 900 were paid on 1st March 2018 and 25th June 2018. Find the accumulated value at the end of year 2018, given that the rate of simple interest is 7% per annum, using ordinary simple interest.
Given that δ(t) =1/(1+0.08t). Using equivalent simple interest, determine A(5), if A(4)=6600
Taking into considering any sufficient partial information about the items listed below, calculate the any of the remaining items:
price, book value, amortization of premium, accumulation of discount, redemption value, face value, yield rate, coupon, coupon rate, term of bond, point in time that a bond has a given book value, amortization of premium, or accumulation of discount.
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