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Answer on Calculus Question for Josh

Question #5532
Mary has a garden in the shape of a sector of a circle; the outer rim of the garden is 25 feet. long and the central angle of the sector is 50 degrees. she wants to add a 3 foot wide walk to the outer rim; how many square feet of paving blocks will she need to build the walk?
Expert's answer
dS - she need to build the
S1=(pi*R^2*50)/360=1125/pi=358 (approximately)
R=r+3=90/pi +3
S2=(pi*R^2*50)/360=437 (approximately)
S1-S2=78,9 (approximately)

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Assignment Expert
20.10.2017 08:41

Dear ttrottewood, please use panel for submitting new questions. Make sure you post the full condition.

20.10.2017 06:32

The diagram shows a sector of a circle of radius r cm containing angle Ө radians. The area of the sector is A cm2 and the perimeter of the sector is 50 cm.
a. Find Ө in terms of r
b. Show that A = 25r – r2

Assignment Expert
20.02.2014 09:36

Dear Real Expert,

Thank you for your remarks. Your are right. We corrected our answer according to your comment.

Real Expert
17.02.2014 21:50

Bullshit. They are looking for AREA... not ARC LENGTH (if that's indeed what 'Expert' did). Not going to look over such rubbish. REAL answer = 78.93 square feet!

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