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Question #18727
A company manufacturers and sells x electric drills per month. The monthly cost and price-demand equations are C(x)=69000+40x, p=190−x30, 0≤x≤5000. (A) Find the production level that results in the maximum revenue. Production Level = (B) Find the price that the company should charge for each drill in order to maximize profit. Price = (C) Suppose that a 5 dollar per drill tax is imposed. Determine the number of drills that should be produced and sold in order to maximize profit under these new circumstances. Number of drills =
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13.12.16, 11:44

Dear Sean, please use the panel for submitting new questions.

13.12.16, 05:17

I have the same question only with C(x)=72,000+40x and p(x)=300-x/20, 0≤x≤6000
(A) Find the maximum revenue.
​(B) Find the maximum​ profit, the production level that will realize the maximum​ profit, and the price the company should charge for each television set.
​(C) If the government decides to tax the company ​$5 for each set it​ produces, how many sets should the company manufacture each month to maximize its​ profit? What is the maximum​ profit? What should the company charge for each​ set?

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