Answer to Question #10785 in Calculus for vivek sehgal

Question #10785
spacing in this book was generally done in units of points and picas: 12 points = 1 pica, and 6 picas = 1 inch. if a figure was misplaced in the page proofs by 0.80 cm, what was the misplacement in [a] picas and [b] points?
Expert's answer
0.80 cm = 0.8/2.54 inches.

[a] in picas:

0.80 cm = 0.8/2.54 inches = 0.8/2.54*6 picas ≈ 1.8898 picas;

[b] in points:

0.80 cm ≈ 1.8898 picas = 1.8898*12 points = 22.6772 points.

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Assignment Expert
16.02.18, 10:23

If y=kx is divided by k, then y/k=kx/k, that is, y/k=x. By the symmetric property of equality, if a=b, then b=a. In our case, this means that if y/k=x, then x=y/k.
In other words, one deduced x=y/k.
Thus, the Property (1) holds true: if y=kx, then x=y/k.
A well-known Formula (2) states that in=2.54*cm.
Imagine that y is measured in inches (in), x is measured in centimeters (cm).
Applying Property (1) to Formula (2) one gets
cm=in /2.54=0.39370079 in.
Then 0.8 cm=0.8 in/2.54=0.8*0.39370079 in.

16.02.18, 06:22

I did not understand how 0.8 cm=0.8/2.54 inches............. i know that 1cm= 0.3937 inches............From where this 2.54 came? plz tell me

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