Answer to Question #6808 in Algebra for alecia

Question #6808
how to find the average of 3 mixed numbers (fractions)
Expert's answer
You should sum them up and then obtained result devide by three. Obtained then number is an arithmetic average of initial three numbers.
So the main feature here is to sum up mixed numbers. Actually its not a problem at all. For example, Let's add 2& 1/3 and 5& 4/7:
2 1/3+ 5 4/7=2+5+1/3+4/7=7+(1*7+4*3)/(3*7)=7+19/21=7 19/21

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Assignment Expert
20.05.15, 17:25

Dear Renette.
Your answer is correct. Thank for your comment.

20.05.15, 16:38

Your answer #6808 is wrong, it doesn't make sense to me: 2 1/3+ 5 4/7=2+5+1/3+4/7=7+(1*4+4*3)/(3*7)=7+11/21=7 11/21 (The 1*4+4*3 does not make sense. Shouldn't you get the LCD which would be 21.
2+5=7 1/3+4/7= 7+7/21+12/21=7 19/21 Please advice if this is incorrect and where i went wrong? Thanks

Assignment Expert
15.01.13, 16:16

Dear visitor!
Which step isn't clear to you? Please provide the details so we could help you

bluber nose
15.01.13, 16:11

this is to complicated

Assignment Expert
31.08.12, 14:52

If we've understood correctly, you need to add all those mixed numbers So, let's see.

36 3/8+41 1/4+40 1/2+38 3/8=3/8+3/8+1/4+1/2+155=1 1/2+155=156 1/2=156,5 and that's the sum. To find average we should divide this number by 4 (because we add 4 figures):

31.08.12, 03:03

I still don't get it, my promblem is to find the averag week worked from 4 diff. week hrs. 36 3/8, 41 1/4, 40 1/2 & 38 3/8 I converted the den. but some how no luck! 2 wks. on this I am getting dumb!!!!

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