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Answer on Algebra Question for stephen Wright

Question #3732
If the US population was 200,000,000 and the cost of fuel was $2.00 per Litre and petrol mileage is 20 km/litre and you buy every single person in the US a $2,000 car and enough fuel to run it nonstop at 20 mph for a year: How much money would you spend?
Expert's answer
Let's count how much money we will spend for 1 person during a year driving his car :

20 [miles/h] × 1.6 [km/mile] × 8760 [hours/year] × 1/20 [litr/km] × 2 $/litr = $28032
Where 1/20 [litr/km] is how much fuel a car needs to drive 1 km
And 1.6 is a coefficient between miles and kilometers.
Then we add the cost of a car for 1 person and multiply this sum on 2×108 population :
2 × 108 × ($2000 + $28032) = $6 × 1012

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Miguel A Rivera
26.07.2011 19:23

Let the US population be "K", cost of fuel per Car for a year be "L", new car cost be "C"... (K(L+C))= Answer
The car travels 32.18688Km/hr for 1 year...there are 8,765.81hrs in a year. So each car travels a distance of (32.19*8,765.81)= 282,144.16Km per year. If we divide the total mileage per year then we can figure out how many liters of fuel it used in a year, hence how much we spent...per car. (282,144.16)/(20)= 14,107.21, 14,107.21*$2= $28,214.42 per car on fuel = L..
2e8(28,214.42+$2k) = $6.042884e12

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