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Question #8677
i have problem solving this.The same person should drop the golf ball each time. A second person should measure the height
of the golf ball (from the bottom of the ball) before the first person drops it. The ball should be
dropped from an initial height of 12 inches. A spotter should estimate the bounce height of the golf
ball. Repeat this process three times for the drop height of 12 inches, then compute the average of
the three bounce heights. Next, find the average bounce heights of the golf ball for initial heights of
24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. i got that but is asking to do all this...Let B be the bounce height (in inches) after it was dropped from an initial height of H inches.
Use a graphing calculator to draw a scattergram of the golf ball data. Draw a sketch of the
scattergram on graph paper.
3. Find an equation of a linear model to describe the situation. Write your equation with the
function name f. Round constants in your equation to two decimal places.
4. Find the B-intercept of your model. What does it mean in this situation? If you can find a
linear model with a more reasonable B-intercept that still fits the data well, do so.
5. Use a graphing calculator to draw a graph of your model and the scattergram in the same
viewing window. Also, graph the model on your scattergram by hand. How well does f model
the data?
6. Use your model to estimate the bounce height for a drop height of 80 inches.
7. On a golf course, a golf ball is hit to a maximum height of 50 feet. What does your model
estimate the bounce height to be after one bounce? Do you think this estimate is accurate? If
not, will it be an underestimate or an overestimate? Explain.
8. Find the slope of your model. What does the slope mean in this situation? Explain.
9. Estimate the bounce height after three bounces for a drop height of 90 inches.
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