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Question #229124

1. Analyze the buyer decision process of a traditional Porsche customer. 2. Contrast the traditional Porsche customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or Panamera customer. 3. Which concepts from the chapter explain why Porsche sold so many lower-priced models in the 1970s and 1980s? 4. Explain how both positive and negative attitudes toward a brand like Porsche develop. How might Porsche change consumer attitudes toward the brand? 5. What role does the Porsche brand play in the self-concept of its buyers?

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Part 1

The buyer decision process of a traditional Porsche customer is unique because they don’t go through all five stages. They skip most of the process and jump right into the purchase decision. Porsche customers do not need recognition, information search, and evaluation of alternatives. They make their purchase based on their wants, the brand, and how the car is made. The car's unique and often dangerous characteristics and the brand's appeal to a very narrow segment of financially successful people are some of the reasons Porsche’s customers are drawn into them. Porsche customers purchase their cars for pure enjoyment, and they are not moved by the information but by feelings.

Part 2

Cayenne and Panamera customer’s decision process differs from the decision process of traditional Porsche customers because Cayenne and Panamera customers are more versed in their decision making as they go through almost all of the stages of the decision process. They recognize their need to have a larger vehicle that can seat more than two people. They are also interested and search for more information about the Cayenne and Panamera before their purchase decision. These customers are different as they have moved into different stages of life and need a larger vehicle to accommodate their needs but still have the drive as a Porsche since they were fast, just like their coupe counterparts. On the other hand, traditional Porsche customers skip most of the decision process and jump right into the purchase decision.

Part 3

The concepts of cultural factors, the values of a Porsche are high, and it’s a want to customers; when these wants are affordable, they will buy them.

Part 4

Social factors develop positive attitudes towards a brand like Porsche. Customers buying a Porsche want to show their status and separate from the lower class.

The negative attitudes are developed when customers are unsatisfied with the product image, which become numerous but not niche. Porsche should keep the image of their high performance

and the behalf of the upper-class level of customers, who enjoy the experience of driving rather than transportation

Part 5

The Porsche brand plays an important role, an upper-level image of every customer of Porsche's self-concept. Owning the product of the brand is an image of successful and car lovers, who have the social status and style of taste

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