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Question #142755
If the local time of A is 7:30 am and longitude is 60 degrees west, what will the local time of town B be if it is 40 degrees east?
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The simple rule is that 15° correspond 1 hour difference. To the west of a prime meridian, time zones decrease, to the east time increases.

So, we have 60°+40°=100° degrees difference. In hours it will be

"T=\\frac{100\u00b0}{15\u00b0\/\\text{h}}=\\frac{20}{3}\\text{ h},\\text{ or }6\\text{ h } 40\\text{ min}."

Now, to find time at 40° E, all we need to do is to add 6 h 40 min to 7:30, which results in

"\\tau=t+T=\\bigg(7+\\frac{30}{60}\\bigg)+\\bigg(6+\\frac{40}{60}\\bigg)=\\frac{85}{6}\\text{ h},\\\\\\space\\\\\n\\tau=\\frac{85}{6}=14+\\frac16=14\\text{ h } 10\\text{ min}."

Thus, for 40°E, the time will be 2:10 pm.

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