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what different can you see about the direction of the currents north of the equator in the currents south of the equator
what is a large arm of an ocean or sea that lies within a curved coastline
To what extent are the effects of a natural disaster worse in a low income country
name two products we can obtain from the rainforest
explain why the effects of a tectonic hazard vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth
Czar peter the great began expanding The Russian Empire into central Asia has he wanted control of the silk road
how did the andes mountains affect settlement and economic activity on the west coast of south america?give an example
Our ground level instruments are checked at 10:00am under clear sky conditions. They indicate the following: T = 22°C and SH = 6 g/kg. A Low Pressure system creates uplift of the air mass. Assuming SH remains stable, at what altitude will the air mass reach Lifting Condensation Level (LCL) and Cloud Formation will occur? Apply the Dry Adiabatic Rate (DAR) to calculate your answer.
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