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Choose one country whose exports are $500B-$1000B and respond to ONE of the following questions.

  1. Based on Exports, discuss the economic system in one country. (Consider types of systems or development)

  1. Discuss ONE positive social impact increasing exports from that country would have on the people living in that country.

  1. Discuss ONE positive economic impact increasing exports from that country would have on that country.

Using a NEE which you have studied (India) assess it's importance - both regionally and globally

The division of Communism and Democracy caused which event?

Difference between Netherlands above sea level and below sea level

Approximately how many times more money does the average citizen of Luxembourg have compared to the average Malawian?

Purpose for the classification in geography

What effect does Hindu Kush have on the climate of Pakistan

Religion plays a large part in shaping the different cultural regions of the world. Central and South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia share some of the same religions and religious history, though none of them is a distinct cultural region. In what ways are the religions of these Asian regions culturally similar to one another? In what ways are the regions culturally different due to religion?

The division of communism and democracy caused which event

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