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Question #72719
What pieces of evidence support gamow's hypothesis about the beginning of the universe?
Expert's answer
Gamow's hypothesis has been experimentally tested in several ways. First, measurements have shown that the universe is expanding. That is, galaxies are moving away from each other at high speeds. This fact agrees with the explosive birth of the universe.
The second observation that supports the hypothesis of Gamow is the discovery of cosmic background radiation. For billions of years, the hot universe will cool down to just 3 K. At this temperature, most of the energy is in the microwave area. Since the Big Bang had to occur simultaneously in all the tiny volume of the forming universe, the radiation that he created was supposed to fill the entire universe. Thus, the radiation must be the same in any direction that we observe. Indeed, the microwave signals recorded by astronomers do not depend on the direction.
The third evidence, which confirms the hypothesis of Gamow, is the discovery of primary helium. Scientists believe that helium and hydrogen (the easiest elements) were the first elements that formed in the early stages of cosmic evolution. Higher elements such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen are thought to have arisen later due to nuclear reactions that include hydrogen and helium in the center of stars.

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