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Question #186955

Outline the main concepts behind the following theories:

1. Sociocultural theory

2. Behavioral children development

3. Attachment theory

4. Cognitive development

5. Social learning theory

6. Psychosexual development

7. Physiological development 

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Sociocultural Theory

Lev Vygotsky came up with a sociocultural theory that addresses how people interact and how culture shapes their minds. According to Lev, the environment affects the thoughts of children. Moreover, he asserted that language plays a major role in cognitive development.

Behavioral Children Development

Behavioral children's development explains how the environment affects the behavior of children. This theory is different from others since it talks neither about thoughts nor feelings, rather it considers experience that molds us. In his theory, Piaget suggests that children's thoughts differ from that of adults.

Attachment Theory

In attachment theory, Bowlby & Ainsworth says that attachment between individuals, let us say between children with caregivers affects their entire life. Additionally, this attachment impacts the bond between a mother and a child.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is how an individual thinks and understands their world as a result of learned or genetic factors. The development occurs from childhood, adolescence to adulthood.

Social Cultural Theory

Social-cultural theory suggests that people acquire new behaviors through interaction or imitating others. According to this theory, learning occurs through a process known as

Vicarious reinforcement. This means that observing rewards and punishment leads to learning.

Psychosexual Development

According to Freud, psychosexual development involves five processes that include; phallic, talent, oral, anal, and genital stages. Every stage is influenced by sexual energy.

Physiological Development

Physiological development is the cognitive development of a person with the development of social and emotional capabilities. This happens from birth to old age. Erikson’s theory insists that situations and social events determine people's traits.


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