Answer to Question #184534 in English for Abdul Saboor

Question #184534

of Islamiat Spring 2021

Instructions: Explain the following verse implementation in our life with different examples from the society. This is an individual project.

Follow the following heading to write your write up for the given verse.

1. Introduction: 100 words

2. Summary: 250 words

3. Examples: 150 words

4. Conclusion: 100 words

Total marks: 20


All Muslims are brothers [49,10],

The Holy Prophet, on the basis of this Quranic injunction had erased all distinctions of Caste, Color, Creed and joined the Muslims in brotherhood. Elaborate.

Expert's answer


Muslims are the people that follow the Islamic religion. Apart from Christianity, the other famous religion in the world is Islam. Most people who subscribe to the Islamic religion hail from the Asian continent. Just as is the same with Christians, Muslims are also descendants of Abraham. While Christians are the direct descendants of Isaac, Muslims are from the lineage of Ishmael. Both Isaac and Ishmael were sons of Abraham. Muslims have the belief that all people who believe in the Islamic religion are brothers.


Muslims believe in the communal upbringing of children. In this, Muslims have the belief that all the children who are from Muslims are one of them. In the vent that a child is born in a certain Muslim neighborhood, then he or she is celebrated by everyone. They believe that the infants are not only a blessing to their biological parents but they are also a blessing to the larger Muslim family. Also, in the situation that a child does an exemplary or outstanding performance in either school or life, the joy that is brought by such is not only for the parents but also to the entire community or society. This is a sign that shows that Muslims are a very united people. They live like brothers and sisters. Furthermore, in unfortunate situations whereby children or even older Muslim people are involved in shameful activities such as rape cases, the blame is not only carried out by his immediate family members and friends, but the whole Muslim community gets ashamed by such activities. They have the view that it is one of them who has committed it.

Muslims are very philanthropic people. It is hard to find a Muslim starving while others are dining at high-end tables. In fact, Muslims often consider others as better than them. Thus, this makes them consider other first when eating. They give not only food staff to the needed people in the community, but they also give them spiritual food so that they can join them in Heaven in the last days of Allah. This shows that care about others both physically and spiritually.


           Just as the Muslim brothers have demonstrated candidly, people around the globe are encouraged to co-exist with one another in a peaceful manner. They should share whatever little they have to with the less fortunate members of society. This is a high degree of compassion that all people around the world are challenged to do.

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