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ASSIGNMENT: Write a 750-1000 word autobiographical essay about a significant event or moment in your life. Your audience for this essay is the people at High School, including teachers, adults, and students. Your audience wants to something substantial and important about you. The event/moment that you select might not be earth-shattering, and it might be exemplary, but that does not mean that it did not leave a lasting impression on you. Your purpose is to entertain as well as to instruct, as you teach the audience something about yourself through the use of specific details, narration, and description.

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As I gazed onto the basketball court through the window while sitting in class one afternoon my mind could not refuse the memories that kept emerging from the scene. On 15th March 2019, was the day of the occurrence that was supposed to change my life forever. This was of course as far as my basketball career was concerned. 

During the previous week, our basketball coach had informed the team that on the 15th the school would host a major basketball team. The coach’s announcement resonated that of the game's patron who had made it public on assembly in the same week. The purpose of the visit was to make to accomplish two major goals. The first was to measure our team’s competitiveness and the second to find any top talent in our school. If any student was selected as top talent the team promised to sponsor the student by offering a scholarship and a place in the team’s academy. 

The announcement made us nervous as for one reason who would not want to join a great team and become a star. This was going to be a life-changing opportunity for the majority of basketball players in our school. I was one of the best players in the school team so I was worrying much about emerging as a top talent. However this did not exclude me from being anxious about the happenings of the particular day. Fortunately enough, our coach was one of the best in the country and we were confident enough he was going to prepare us properly to match the level of our opponents on that day. Team efforts supplemented by individual effort were displayed as part of preparations for the life-changing day. We spent any free second at the court practicing just to sharpen our defending and mostly our scoring abilities. I recall how the team thrashed some local teams that the coach had organized a friendly with. We were on fire! Almost everyone on the team could score from any angle. I remember in one game in our series of friendlies we entered the court and in a couple of minutes after the match began we had scored over 25 something that had never happened. This revealed how the team was more than ready to receive the awaited visitors. 

As part of the preparation, the school principal intervened and ordered the catering department to be preparing a special diet for the team as she would not want any disappointments. Accumulating all the individual preparations and adjustments that were done from various departments the specific answer was that the team was more than prepared. The only question that disturbed my mind and I guess many of my colleagues was that with the team’s current form who would be selected to join the major club? On an individual level, I had evaluated myself and my analysis kept revealing that I was one of the probable candidates to be selected. I was six feet tall, strong, and heavy-bodied. I had spectacular dribbling skills that were visible even to uninterested fellows as far as the basket game was concerned. On top of that, I was one of the coach’s favorite players and if by any chance the coach was to be consulted I would automatically appear on the list. 

On 14th March, a day before the actual event, I remember how the team and the school, in general, were prepared for the event. The court was nicely done with news paintings and decorations. To be precise were had done more than enough. I remember that day when I went home my parents were eager to see me and give me a word of encouragement. In a way, I felt that I will have failed them by not appearing on the list. This was my opportunity and God knows there might never be another. 

On the 15th of March, the day of the event everything seemed to be working as planned. The day started bright and everyone was jovial except the basketball players who were full of mixed emotions. We did a simple midmorning training that was light just to maintain body fitness and relaxed while waiting for the visitors for a match scheduled at 2.30 p.m. to be exact. To relax our minds we put on favorite music at the court. Everything seemed to work fine until 2.00 p.m. At 2.00 pm the unfortunate happened, first, the news about the major team arrival was not circulating in the school which revealed there was a problem. Second of all the weather from nowhere had started changing to the worse. The clouds started to form and the wind was blowing to a point that we had to grab our sweaters. It was clear as daylight if the team was not arriving any sooner the match would be postponed due to a heavy downpour. I became a little religious and prayed to my God to intervene. However, that was not to happen and what followed was a terrific downpour characterized by a series of lightning that shook not only the ground but also our hearts. Up to this time, the team had not arrived. It is then that some student-transformed ushers began spreading rumors of the match being postponed from an email the school had received. I cursed the rain that day, it had washed away the good deeds of the day and left everyone gloomy. A lot of other team players mourned that day too. Some including me had pledged never to step on the court again! Whenever I remember that day my heart is pierced and breaks into pieces while my mind shakes with anger.


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