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Question #50285
BS Bank Inc. has a legacy application , which is used to manage the current and saving bank
accounts of the customers. The banking application is written in the programming language C.With
changes in banking policies and procedures, BS Bank hasd to enhance the functionality of the
application. However, making changes to the current application was a cumbersome job, as even
small changes to the functionality resulted in changing a large part of the code. The security in the
current application was not adequate. Users of the application had access to the business logic of
the application. This was a security concern. The BS Bank IT Support team had raised the risk of
ongoing support of this application to the management, due to the limitations and challenges of an
application written using a procedural language. The IT Support team asked for the revamp of the
application with the following technical requirements:
-Software objects in the application should model the real-world objects so that the complexity is
reduced and the program structure is very clear.
- Each object should form a separate entity whose internal workings are decoupled from other
parts of the system.
-Access to data should be setup in a way that users are able to view data according to their
-The application program should use immutable class, where necessary.
-Adding new features or responding to the changing operating environments should be made
easier. This should be possible by introducing few new objects and modifying some existing ones,
instead of having to make major changes to the code.
-Objects should be maintained separately, which will help in locating and fixing the problems
easily. This will make the application easier to support.
-The application should reduce coupling of modules.
-Objects in the new application can be reused in different programs.
BS bank invites FIT Technologies to redesign and develop a new application, which retains the
existing functionality and also supports the above features.
Joe has joined FIT technologies recently as a software developer. He is a fresher and does not
know advanced programming techniques. To include him in the team that is developing the
application, Damien, the Project Manager, decides to conduct a test for him. He prepares a test
that includes the following questions: [10 Marks]
1. Explain all the access specifiers supported in C#.[5 Marks]
2. The execution goes back to the caller by default, when the last statement in a method is
reached.? Assuming that no return statement is used, do you agree with the preceding statement?
Specify the reason for your answer. [5 Marks]
Help Joe attempt the preceding questions.
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