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Question #131716
A wagon of mass 50 tones, starts from rest and travels 30 meters down a 2% grade and strikes a post with bumper spring as shown in Figure below. If the rolling resistance of the track is 60 N/t, find the velocity with which the wagon strikes the post. Also find the amount by which the spring will be compressed, if the bumper spring compresses 2 mm per 30 kN force.
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Weight of wagon(W)=50x1000x9.81 N


Total Rolling resistance=60x50 N


Acceleration of rolling resistance


=0.06 m/s2

Initial velocity (u)=0 m/s

Distance travelled along inclined path(d)=30m

Gradient of path(dy/dx)=-2%=-0.20

If "\\empty" is the angle of inclination of path with horizontal.

Tan"\\empty" =dy/dx=0.02

"\\empty"= 1.146 degrees


Acceleration due to gravity acts in the vertical direction (g)=9.81m/s2

Acceleration due to gravity along the inclined path=g x sin"\\empty" =9.81xsin(1.146)

=0.196 m/s2

Net acceleration along the path

(a)=0.196-aR=0.136 m/s2

By kinematical equation

V2=u2+2 x a x d

V=square root of(2x 0.136x30)


If X is the compression in the spring of spring constant K.

Potential energy of spring (PE)= Kinetic energy of wagon (KE)



Compression in the spring (X)

=0.02718 m=27.18 mm

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