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Question #126851

A compressor of 25 kg is mounted on isolator as shown in the figure.

The isolator is idealized by a spring and a damper of damping ration 𝜁= 0.3 . it is found that the compressor suffers from vibration due to unbalance of 0.001 sin50t. also, it is found that all the maximum impressed force is transmitted to the floor. What will be the TR and the maximum Ft  to the floor when the excitation force becomes 0.005sinwt ?

Expert's answer

Here, in this question figure is missing so i m assuming my own figure and its related data.

mass of compressor =25 kg,here it is given idealized spring constant = "700\\times 10^3" N/m,

and damping ratio

,"\\zeta=0.3" , "F=F_osinwt" ,"\\omega_n=\\sqrt{\\frac{k}{m}}"

"\\omega_n=\\sqrt{\\frac{700000}{25}}=167.33" ,

"\\omega=314.2 rad" ,



"\\frac{F_T}{F_o}=\\sqrt{\\frac{1+(2\\zeta r^2)}{(1-r^2)^2+(2\\zeta r)^2}}"

"\\frac{F_T}{0.001}=\\sqrt{\\frac{1+(2\\times0.3\\times 1.877^2)}{(1-1.877^2)^2+(2\\times0.3\\times 1.877)^2}}"


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