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Question #116959
A single cylinder petrol engine has a volume compression ratio of 4:1, takes in a mixture of fuel and air at a temperature of 20°Cand its pressure is 101kPa. If the pressure at the end of the compression stroke is 1.5MPa what will be its final temperature?
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The problem involves an adiabatic compression, therefore the governing equation will be 

"\\frac{V_2}{V_1}=\\frac{1}{4}" "P_1=101kPa=0.101\\times{10}^6 Pa\nT_1=20 C = 293.15 K\nP_2=1.5 MPa=1.5\\times{10}^6Pa"

"P*V^k = constant"

and also, "T* V^{k-1} = constant"

Considering two states, using the first equation:

"0.101\\times{10}^6\\times4^k=1.5\\times{10}^6\\times1\n=>4^k=14.81=>\\ k\\cong\\ 1.944\\"

Now it’s possible to use the second equation 

"T_1\\times{V_1}^{k-1}=T_2\\times{V_2}^{k-1}\n\\\\\n293.15\\times4^{0.944}=T_2\\Rightarrow\n\\\\T_2=1085.01\\ K\\ =811.86\\ C"

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A compressed air storage cylinder has a volume of 0.5m^3 and contains air at an absolute pressure of 1.8MPa and temperature 20°C. A quantity of the air is released during which the temperature of the remaining air falls to 15°C and the pressure to 1.5MPa. Calculate the mass of the air released. The characteristic gas constant for air is 287Jkg−1K^−1.

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