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Question #111210
A 0.5 m3 rigid tank contains refrigerant-134a initially at 200 kPa and 40 percent quality. Heat is now transferred to the refrigerant until the pressure reaches 800 kPa. Determine (a) the mass of the refrigerant in the tank and (b) the amount of heat transferred. Also, show the process on a P-v diagram with respect to saturation lines.
Expert's answer

Volume of rigid tank is = 0.5 m3, Using the table for refrigerant R-134a we can draw the following property at 200 KPA and At 0.4 quality

"v_f=0.0007535" ,"v_g=.1234"

"v_1= v_f+xv_g"

"v_1= 0.0007535+0.4\\times.1234"

"v_1=0.05011" , similarly from data table we will get the value of "u_1=107.19"

"Q=m(u_2-u_1)=2708 Kj"

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