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A rolled steel Joist of I-Section has flange length of 300 mm. wide and 20 mm thick with a web thickness of 20 mm. and overall depth of I-Section is 600 mm. If this beam carries a UDL of 40 KN/m over the simply supported beam of span 10 m, find the maximum stress produced in the beam.                                                                          

A gun barrel mass 560 kg is designed with the following data: Initial recoil velocity 36 m/sec;

Recoil distance on firing 1.5 m, calculate: (a) spring constant, (b) damping coefficient, and (c) time

required for the barrel to return to a position 0.12 m from its initial position.

1.1 kg of air at 261°C is allowed to expand isothermally until the volume doubled. Then heat is then rejected by at constant pressure until the volume is the same as it was initially. Determine; a. the net heat flow b. the overall change of entropy. c. Sketch the processes on a T-s diagram

please my freind i want to be to use multiple crank slide or similar mechnism to drive multiple objects but I dont want to use crank slider for each object. How can I drive them all from one single point.

many thanks and forgive for my ignorance if i used the wrong ords i the question

Steam is delivered to turbine at 5.4 Mpa and 610℃. Before condensation at 30℃, steam is extracted for feedwater heating at 0.1 Mpa. For an ideal regenerative cycle, find the thermal efficiency.

The I-beam design must satisfy the following requirements:

Maximum beam must not exceed the allowable stress.

Maximum deflection of the beam must not exceed the allowable stress.

Load which will be carried by the crane: 10026 Kg

Distance between the concrete walls: 14 meters

Distance from the ends of the track on which the trolley cannot run due to other machinery: 1.0 meters

Allowable normal stress in the I-beam: 260 MPa

Allowable beam deflection: 21 meters

The project will be assessed using the folllowing categories.


Sketch the problem, showing relevant geometry, dimensions, support and loadings

Sketch e.g.: FBD or stress element as applicable

Identify Boundary conditions and other support conditions


Identify problem type, solution strategy, relevant criteria and analyses

Write the governing equations

Identify unknowns

Make necessary assumptions

Identify material properties


Solve the governing equations

Solve for unknowns or formulate problem to allow solution

on one side, water stands level with the top of the vertical rectangular gate 1.2m wide and 1.8m high hinged at the bottom, on the other side, water stands 0.90m below the top. what horizontal force applied at the top of the gate is required to open it

A 4 in diameter solid cylinder (d) of height 3.75 in weighing 0.85 mmersed in liquid (γ=52.0 lb/ft3 ) contained in a tall, Ib isi upright metal cylinder aving a diameter of D 5 in he sol is immersed in liquid metal cylinder having a diameter of D =5 in. Before immersion the liquid was 3.0 in deep. At what level will the solid cylinder float?

A polystyrene rod consisting of two cylindrical portions AB and

BC is restrained at both ends and supports two 6-kip loads as

shown. Knowing that E 5 0.45 3 106

psi, determine (a) the reactions at A and C, (b) the normal stress in each portion of the rod.

In a single riveted butt joint with two equal cover strips, having zigzag arrangement of riveting the thickness of the plate 9 mm. Consider allowable tensile, crushing and shear stress are 115 MPa, 155 MPa and 70 MPa respectively. Calculate:-1) diameter of rivet and 2) pitch of riveted joint.

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