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Question #278896

a. Briefly describe the transistor operation with appropriate diagram. 

b. Describe the common collector characteristics curve.

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Solution [a]

Transistors were invented in 1940 and since then a continued progress in development of transistors has never been stoppable. Transistor replaced vacuum tubes in televisions, radios and other electronic equipment. Its ruggedness, small size and low power consumption produced a wave of miniaturization resulting in home computers, digital cameras, cell phones and other devices. Research in transistors is ongoing; the capability of electronics will continue to improve for the foreseeable future. Transistors are semiconductor devices and are used in various signal amplifying and converting applicatios. Many oftenly, the

transistors are used as switches and peforms various logic operations like AND, OR, INVERT gate functions.


The transistors are the back bone of the electronics industry. Or in other words, transistors are the building block of any electronic component like op-amps, ICs, and diodes. In fact transistors are fabricated on Si- or Ge- wafers and p-n junction diode has led to miniaturization of the electronic component. Big size memories are example of transistors application.


When the base of the transistor is connected to an IO line of computer, then transistor can be made ON/OFF depanding upon the IO line signal status. For a NPN transistor, a HIGH on IO line wil turn on the transistor to its saturation level while LOW will turn off the transistor.


Similarly for a PNP transistor, the LOW on IO will turn on theb transistor to its saturation level and HIGH will turn off the transistor.


Therefore, transistor can be used as as switch and can be controled by using their bases connnected t IO of computer, thereby making the following unit ON/OFF.


Logical gate functions can be implemented by using transistors when connected to computer or microcontrollers.

Solution [b]

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