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Question #179468

 With the help of an appropriate circuit diagram, describe the wiring of a DC series motors and DC shunt motors.

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DC shunt motor is a type of self-excited DC motor, and it is also known as a shunt wound DC motor. The field windings in this motor can be connected in parallel to the armature winding. So both windings of this motor will expose to the equal voltage power supply, and this motor maintains an invariable speed with any kind of load. This motor has a low starting torque and also runs at a constant speed.In case of the shunt wound DC motor, this current supply will divide into two ways like Ia,& Ish, where ‘Ia’ will supply throughout the ‘Ra’ resistance armature winding. In the same way, ‘Ish’ will supply through the ‘Rsh’ resistance field winding.

Therefore, we can write it as Itotal = Ia + Ish

We know that Ish = E/ Rsh

Otherwise Ia = Itotal- Ish= E/Ra

Generally, when the DC motor is in running state & the voltage supply voltage is stable and the shunt field current given by

Ish = E/Rsh

But we know that the armature current is proportional to the field flux (Ish ∝ Φ). Thus the Φ remains more otherwise less stable, due to this reason; a shunt wound DC motor can be named as a constant flux motor.

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