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Question #137475
A balanced delta connected load is supplied from a 220V, 60Hz source thru a line with impedance of 0.5 + j0.8 ohm. If the power consumed by the load is 3 KW at 0.8 power factor leading. Determine the line currents and phase currents in phasor form. CBA Sequence
Expert's answer

Since it is necessary to find currents in the phase form, then to begin with we find the phase current through the ratio "I_{phasor}=\\frac U z" , where "U" is the voltage, "z" is the impedance, the voltage in the phase form "U = 220\\times e ^ {j\\times 0}" ;

impedance in phase form "z = \\sqrt {0.89 }\\times e ^ {j\\times atan (\\frac 8 5)}" therefore

"I_{phasor}=\\frac {220\\times e^{j\\times 0}} {\\sqrt {0.89}\\times e^{j\\times atan(\\frac 8 5)}}=123.6-j \\times 197.75" A;

Since the phase current and the linear are related by the relation "I_{line}=I_{phasor}\\times \\sqrt {3}" , then

"I_{line}=(123.6-j \\times 197.75) \\times \\sqrt{3}" "=214.08-j \\times 342.51" A.

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