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Question #116173
1. If R1 is 2.3k ohms, R2 is 560 ohms & R3 is 24h ohms , what is Rt?

2. If V=4v , I=18uA, what is R1?
Expert's answer

If the resistors are connected in series, the total resistance equals the sum of all resistors, and it is

"R_{ts}=R_1+R_2+R_3=\\\\=2.3+0.56+0.024=2.884\\text{ k}\\Omega."

If the resistors are in parallel, the total resistance can be found as

"\\frac{1}{R_{tp}}=\\frac{1}{R_1}+\\frac{1}{R_2}+\\frac{1}{R_3},\\\\\nR_{tp}=0.023\\text{ k}\\Omega."

If the voltage across the first resistor is 4 V and the current in the first resistor is 18 microamps, the resistance will be

"R_1=\\frac{V}{I}=\\frac{4}{18\\cdot10^{-6}}=222.22\\text{ k}\\Omega."

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Dear J, Questions in this section are answered for free. We can't fulfill them all and there is no guarantee of answering certain question but we are doing our best. And if answer is published it means it was attentively checked by experts. You can try it yourself by publishing your question. Although if you have serious assignment that requires large amount of work and hence cannot be done for free you can submit it as assignment and our experts will surely assist you.

20.05.20, 06:22

The only options my quiz gives me are A. 239.87 ohms B.265.32 ohms C.346.77 ohms D.379.195 ohms Therefore 0.23k ohms is not and option.

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