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Question #269990

A shell-and-tube heat exchanger has one pass on the shell side and two passes on the tube side ( and tube heat exchanger). It is being used for oil cooling. The oil flows in the tube side. It enters at 1120C and leaves at 78 0C The shell-and-tube fluid is water at a flow rate of1.35 kg/s, entering at 360C and leaving at 78 0C. The heat capacity of water is 4180j/(kg. K), and the overall heat transfer coefficient for the heat exchanger is 350 W/(m2.K). The geometry factor, F is 1.15. Determine the heat transfer area required for the unit.

Expert's answer

"T_{1(oil)} = 112\u00b0C\\\\\nT_{2(oil)}= 78\u00b0C\\\\\n\u2206T_{(oil)} = 112\u00b0C- 78\u00b0C = 34\u00b0C\\\\\nM_w= 1.35\\textsf{ kg\/s}\\\\\nT_{1(water)}= 36\u00b0C\\\\\nT_{2(water)}= 78\u00b0C\\\\\n\u2206T_{(water)} = 78\u00b0C - 36\u00b0C = 42\u00b0C\\\\\nc = 350 \\textsf{ W\/(m\u00b2.K)}\\\\\n\\quad\\\\\nP= Mc\u2206T\\\\\nP = 1.35 \u00d7 4180 \u00d742 = 237006W \\approx 237 \\textsf{ kW}"

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