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Question #45456
Draw the Balance Sheet for the following information provided by Sandeep Ltd..
a. Current Ratio : 2.50
b. Liquidity Ratio : 1.50
c. Net Working Capital : Rs.300000
d. Stock Turnover Ratio : 6 times
e. Ratio of Gross Profit to Sales : 20%
f. Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio : 2 times
g. Average Debt collection period : 2 months
h. Fixed Assets to Net Worth : 0.80
i. Reserve and Surplus to Capital : 0.50
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3)The following items are found in the trial balance of M/s Sharada Enterprise on 31st December, 2000 Sundry Debtors Rs.160000 Bad Debts written off Rs 9000 Discount allowed to Debtors Rs. 1800 Reserve for Bad and doubtful Debts 31-12-1999 Rs. 16500 Reserve for discount on Debtors 31-12-1999 Rs. 3200 You are required to provide the bad and doubtful debts at 5% and for discount on debtors at 2%. Show the adjustments for bad debts, bad debts reserve, discount account, and provision for discount on de

05.09.14, 22:32

2) Analyse the following transactions according to traditional approach. a. 1.1.2011 Sunitha started his business with cash Rs. 5,00,000 b. 2.1.2011 Borrowed from Malathi Rs. 5,00,000 c. 2.1.2011 Purchased furniture Rs. 1,00,000 d. 4.1.2011 Purchased furniture from Meenal on credit Rs. 1,50,000 e. 5.1.2011 Purchased goods for cash Rs. 50,000 f. 6.1.2011 Purchased goods from Ram on credit Rs. 2,50,000 g. 8.1.2011 Sold goods for cash Rs. 1,25,000 h. 8.1.2011 Sold goods to Shyam on credit Rs. 55,000

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