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Question #55278
ON adding more solid solute to a solution,does solution will freeze more rapidly ? Please tell me about it , I am very confused it should not more rapidly freeze a/c to me
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Due to colligative properties of solutions there is depression of freezing point of solution in comparison with pure solvent. It means that the freezing point of a pure solvent is lowered by the addition of a solute. Mathematical law for this phenomenon is
ΔTF=KF·b·i (for ideal solutions)
where ΔTF – the freezing point depression,
ΔTF =TF (pure solvent) TF (solution).
KF – the cryoscopic constant, which is dependent on the properties of the solvent.
b – the molality (mol solute per kg of solvent)
i – the van 't Hoff factor (number of ion particles per individual molecule of solute).
For a more accurate calculation at a higher concentration, equation proposed by Ge and Wang should be used. It includes activity of solute which depends on concentration.
So more solid solution – more freezing point depression and the time for crystallization of such solution will be increased.
Answer: solution will not freeze more rapidly because you should cool it to lower temperature

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