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Question #52244
Three 1.0 liter flasks are filled with hydrogen, oxygen and Neon, respectively, at STP. Which of the following statements is true? The density of each gas is the same. The velocity of the gas molecules is the same in each flask. Each flask has the same number of gas molecules. There are twice as many oxygen and hydrogen molecules as Ne atoms. 12 A real gas most closely approaches the behavior of an ideal gas under conditions of: high P and low T low P and high T low P and T high P and T 13 ______________ is used for measuring the viscosity of a substance. Potentiometer Ostwald viscometer Calorimeter None of the above 14 ______________ is used to measure the strength of an acid or base. PH meter Potentiometer PH scale Acidometer 15 The S.I. unit for frequency is __________. Hertz Ohms Freq Joule 16 The formation of a solid from a solution is called __________ Precipitation Sublimation Crystallization Distillation
Expert's answer
11. Each flask has the same number of gas molecules.
12. low P and high T
13. Ostwald viscometer
14. PH meter
15. Hertz
16. Precipitation

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