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Question #41273
Au(s) ( Au(ℓ) above equilibrium is favoured at :- (1) High pressure, low temperature (2) High pressure, high temperature (3) Low pressure, high temperature (4) Low pressure, low temperature
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Le Chatelier's principle states that a change in temperature, pressure, or concentration of reactants in an equilibrated system will stimulate a response that partially off-sets the change to establish a new equilibrium.
Changes in pressure will not affect the position of equilibrium, if the number of moles of gases on both sides of the equation are equal. Liquids and solids contribute nothing to the volume of the equilibrium mixture. Low pressure will favor the liquid product, because liquids have a little less density than solids.
Finally, increases in temperature will favor the reaction direction that consumes heat, while decreases in reaction temperature will favor the direction that produces heat. The process when substance becomes liquid consumes heat, so the rise of temperature will favor it.

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Assignment Expert
17.04.14, 14:54

Answer: (3) Low pressure, high temperature.

14.04.14, 22:00

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