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Question #29376
a) For each pound (454g) of ammonium nitrate that exploded (products being nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, and water vapor) how many kJ of thermal energy were released and how many L of gas (measured at 1atm and 25degreeC) were formed? We know deltaHf for ammonium nitrate is -87.37 kcal/mol
b) The density of ammonium nitrate is 1.725g/cm^3. How many litres did the volume of the system increase when the pound of ammonium nitrate exploded?
Expert's answer
For this process the balanced equationwill be:
2NH4NO3 = 2N2 + O2 + 4H2O.
Delta H = -87.37 kJ/mol
454g / 80g/mol = 5.68 mols NH4NO3
N2: NH4NO3 = 4 : 4, so 5.68 mols of N2 formed.
O2: NH4NO3 = 3 : 4 = x : 5.68, x = 4.26 mols O2 formed.
So at 1 atm and 25 C, a mol of any ideal gas is 24.5 L. 24.5(5.68 + 4.26) = 243.5
Lb) The volume of NH4NO3 is 454g / 1.725g/mL = 263.2 mL = 0.2632 L
The volume increased by a factor of 243.5 / 0.2632 = 925.1

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