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Question #55539
1. Some PCl5 is pumped into a 500 mL flask. The PCl3 at equilibrium is 1.50 M. What was the initial [PCl5]? PCl5 <---> PCl3+ Cl2 Keq= 2.14 2. Keq for the reaction 2HI <----> H2 +I2 has a value of 1.85x 10^-2 at 425 degrees celsius. If 0.18 mol of HI is placed in a 2.0 L flask and allowed to come to equilibrium at this temperature. What will the equilibrium of [I2} be? 3. 0.020 mol of each SO2 and O2 and So3 is placed in a 1.0 L flask and allowed to come to equilibrium. The equilibrium of [SO2] is found to be 0.0080M. What is the value of keq for the reaction: 2SO2+O2<----> 2SO3 4. A 3.00 L flask contains 6.00M H2, 6.00M Cl2, 3.00M HCl at equilibrium. An additional 15 mol of HCl is injected into the flask. What is the [Cl2] when equilibrium is re- established?
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