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Question #15642
a gaseous organic compound X was burnt in the excess of oxygen.A 0.112 dm3 sample of X measured at s.t.p produced 0.88 grams of CO2 how many carbon atoms are present in one molecule of x ?
Expert's answer
If organic compound X has formula C(x)H(y)O(z), the reaction is
+ k O2 = x CO2 + (y/2) H2O

IUPAC has defined standard reference
conditions as being 0 °C and 100 kPa (1 bar)
R = 8.314×10−2
pV = nRT
n = pV/(RT)
n(X) = 1 bar * 0.112 L /
(8.314×10−2 L*bar*K(-1)*mol(-1) * 273 K) = 0.005 mol
n(CO2) = 0.88 g / 44
g/mol = 0.02 mol

x = n(CO2)/n(X) = 0.02 / 0.005 = 4
Four carbon atoms
are present in one molecule of X.

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15.10.20, 22:26

I didn't get why we have to calculate the no of moles from general gas equation and how did we know that they are for CO2?

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