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Question #11963
3. Which salt has a higher % by mass of chlorine, NaCl or CaCl2? Which has the greater molar mass?

4. When NaCl is dissolved in water it gets colder. When CaCl2 dissolves in water it gets warmer.
a. Identify which change is endothermic and which is exothermic.
b. What would be the sign on DH for each change?
c. To which side of the chemical equation would the heat term go in each case?

5. You are asked to determine the solubility of a NaCl solution. To do this, you make a saturated solution of the salt. Then you filter out the excess solid and measure out 10.0 mL of the filtrate into an evaporating dish. This sample is then completely. When cool, it was determined that 3.5 g of salt was in the evaporated sample.
a. What is the solubility of NaCl in terms of grams solute/grams H2O? Why is a saturated solution needed to determine the solubility?
b. Would you expect more or less salt to dissolve if the temperature of the water is doubled? Why?
c. For each step in the procedure, identify the equipment needed.
d. Explain, in detail, how the mass of the dissolved salt was determined (what masses needed to be recorded during the experiment?).
e. Identify the proper safety precautions for this procedure
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