Answer to Question #66981 in Organic Chemistry for murahi

Question #66981
Question 6 : Alkyl, aryl, and alkenyl halides, when treated with metallic alloys form _______.
carbonyl compounds
carboxylic compounds
metallic compounds
organometallic compounds

Question 7 : All these qualifies a grignard reagent to be a highly reactive compound EXCEPT _________.
the carbon atom in it is strongly basic
the carbon atom in it is nucleophilic in nature
it follows SN_{2} pathway
Strongly polarized C-M bond

Question 8 : All these affect boiling points except __________.
Molecular structure
London forces
Shape of molecule

Question 9 : Alkyl halides can be prepared from all these EXCEPT __________
Chloromethylation of benzene
Carboxylic acid
Aromatic Amines
grignard reagent

Question 10 : 2-methylpropane will have ________than butane.
lower saturation point
lower due point
lower melting point
lower boiling point
Expert's answer
organometallic compounds.
it follows SN_{2} pathway
Shape of molecule.
Aromatic Amines
lower melting point, lower boiling point

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