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Question #59568
I have been trying to balance this redox reaction for the last two hours, but my final answer doesn't look correct. I am trying to balance the oxidation reaction of benzoin to benzil using nitric acid.
The unbalanced equation is :- benzoin + nitric acid ----> benzil + NO2
My answer is :- Benzoin + 2 nitric acid ------> 2 NO2 + 2 H2O + benzil
I balanced it using half rxn
does it look correct, please help.
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The answer to the question is available in the PDF file

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Assignment Expert
08.04.20, 20:47

Dear Manjunath6, Questions in this section are answered for free. We can't fulfill them all and there is no guarantee of answering certain question but we are doing our best. And if answer is published it means it was attentively checked by experts. You can try it yourself by publishing your question. Although if you have serious assignment that requires large amount of work and hence cannot be done for free you can submit it as assignment and our experts will surely assist you.

08.04.20, 04:17

Please help me by giving details answer how to do you balance this reaction by half method

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