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Question #52818
A)CHO-CH(Cl)-CH2-CH2-CH(Br)-CHO B)CHO-CH(Br)-CH2-CH2-CH(Cl)-CHO c)CH2=C(Cl)-CH(Br)-C ≡CH state proper IUPAC name of the compounds? ANDalso express the IUPAC RULES FOR THOSE THREE NAMINGS PLEASE
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A) CHO-CH(Cl)-CH2-CH2-CH(Br)-CHO 2-bromo-5-chlorohexanedial
B) CHO-CH(Br)-CH2-CH2-CH(Cl)-CHO 2-bromo-5-chlorohexanedial
Aldehydes are named using suffix -anal. If there is morethan one -CHO group, the suffix is expanded to –anedial.It is not necessary to indicate the position of the -CHO group because this group will be at the end or at the beginning of the chain. Halogen functional groups are prefixed with the bonding position in the form chloro-, bromo-, etc. Dissimilar groups of halogens are ordered alphabetically.

C) CH2=C(Cl)-CH(Br)-C≡CH 3-bromo-4-chloro-4-penten-1-yne
Double bonds inhydrocarbons are indicated by –ene, while triple bonds are named using the suffix -yne. If both double and triple bonds are present, numbers as low as possible are given to double and triple bonds. Both types of bonds must be mentioned in name. If numbering the carbon chain, the triple bond takes precedence over the double bond, so the triple bond will have lower number than double bond.

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