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Question #52195
a) How can cyclopentane be prepared from the following? (2) i) 1, 5 – dibromopentane ii) hexanedioic acid b) Alkanes with odd number of carbon atoms have lower melting point than those with an even number. Explain. (1) c) Complete the following reactions: (2) i) CH3CH2Br + CH3CH2Br …………… ii) CH3CH2CH2CH2COOH + C5H5N …………
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30.03.16, 18:49

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ramesh kumar
29.03.16, 21:45

an alkene having molecular formula c6h12 an ozonolysis yideled butanal and ethanal. what is the structural formula of alkene?

ramesh kumar
29.03.16, 21:34

in the mass spectra alkanes give a series of peaks separated by 14 mass units explain?

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