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Question #77236
Differentiate between the covalent radii and the ionic radii. Name the cations that are largest single atom cations. Which out of N3– and O2– ion is bigger in size and why?
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The atomic r is the distance from the atomic nucleus 2 th outermost stable e- of a neutral atom.

The ionic r is half the distance between 2 gas atoms that r just touching each other

answer is N3―

both belongs to the some period (2). The size of these ions decreases with increase in atomic number or decreases moving from left to right.
Cation is positively charged ion. Metal have tendency to lose electrons. A metal loss electrons from it valance shell to form cation. Group I has highest Ionisation energy so, tendency of lose electrons from valance shell are high. Also we know when we go top to down, atomic radius increases. It means H⁺ is the smallest cation and Fr⁺ is the largest cation . But francium is radioactive element so, we can neglect it. So, the largest cation is Cs⁺ (Cesium)

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