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Question #76684
a) Explain why [Ni(CN)4—]2- is square planar.

b) What is the chelate effect? What is the principal thermodynamic driving force behind the chelate effect?

A pink solid (1) has the empirical formula CoCI3.5NH3.H2O. An aqueous solution of 1 is also pink and rapidly precipitates three moles of AgCI on titration with a AgNO3 solution. When 1 is heated it loses 1 mol of H2O to give a purple solid (2) with the same Co:NH3:Cl ratio as 1. On titration with a AgNO3 solution, 2 precipitates 2 moles of AgCl. Deduce and draw the structures of the two octahedral complexes of Co, 1 and 2.

d) State the types of isomerism that may be exhibited by the following complex, [Cr(en)2(H2O)2] 3+, and draw the structure for each isomer

en = 1,2-diaminoethane.
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