Answer to Question #76512 in Inorganic Chemistry for Arun Rawat

Question #76512
b) Determine the wavelength for a transition from the  = 0 to the  = 1 level. Is this
transition in the IR region of the electromagnetic spectrum?
c) Which of the following molecules exhibit rotational and or vibrational spectra
H2, HF, CO, NO
Expert's answer
b) The photon energy in the transition from the level v = 0 to v = 1 is:
Eph = ∆E = E1 – E0 = 3/2hv0 – ½ hv0 = hv0;
Since the energy of a photon is given by Ephoton = hv, the frequency of the transition from the first to the next second vibrational level is:
Eph = hv;
λ = c/v0 = 3*108/8.963*1013 = 3.345 * 10-6 m = 3345 nm.
c) Hydrogen atom (H2) vibrational spectra;
HF show rotational or vibrational spectra, since others are linear molecules.
CO will show rotational spectra while H2 will no.

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