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Question #73059
2. Using your knowledge of group theory and MO theory:
a. Determine the point group of the pentagonal planar XeF5- anion.

b. Draw the ligand group orbitals (LGOs) that contribute to the Xe-F bonding in this molecule, and indicate their symmetry labels.

c. Draw an MO diagram for the complex from part a, including the LGOs, Xe AOs, and lines indicating which LGOs and AOs contribute to each MO .

d. Assign formal charges to the Xe atom and each F atom in the complex from part a, and determine the Xe-F bond order .

e. Using your MO diagram from part c, predict the effect that reacting XeF5- with F2 to form the hypothetical pentagonal bipyramidal complex XeF7- would have on the MO energies/symmetries, and indicate the change in bond order between the Xe and F atoms (if any).
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