Answer to Question #7036 in Inorganic Chemistry for Traci Thatcher

Question #7036
9. Consider the substitution reaction of H2S?BH3 with NH3, which generates two product molecules (ignore
the states of matter), assuming that no species exceeds the octet rule. Given the following information:
Step 1: There are two products in the first step; one product, which is an intermediate, has a trigonal
planar molecular geometry.
Step 2: The intermediate from Step 1 reacts in Step 2 to form a compound with two sp3 hybridized atoms.
Overall: One bond is formed and one bond is broken. One of the products has a bent molecular geometry
and smells like rotten eggs.
(a) Propose a mechanism for this reaction. (b) Draw the Lewis structures of both products,
including all lone pairs and formal charges.
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