Answer to Question #51134 in Inorganic Chemistry for vizzy

Question #51134
Who used the Law of the Octave to arrange atoms? John Newlands Meyer De Chancourtois Dobereiner 10 In the mordern form of Mendeleev peroidic table, elements are arranged in __________ horizontal rows. 6 7 8 9 11 According to __________, an orbital can have at the most two electrons of opposite spin. Aufbau principle Henry's law Hund's rule Exclusion principle 12 ____________ is defined as the energy released or absorbed when an electron is added to the gaseous atom in its ground state. Electron affinity Electronegativity Ionization potential Hydration energy
Expert's answer
9. John Newlands
10. 7
11. Exclusionprinciple
12. Electronaffinity

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