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Question #36764
The ability of an element to participate in a chemical reaction is measured in form of its ---------
Ionization Energy
Neutral charge
Electron density
Electron cloud

2 The properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers is the-----------
Newsland law
Modern Periodic law
Lecoq de Biosbaudran' law
Mendeleev's law

3 The positions of K and Ar,Co and Ni do not remain anomalous any longer since --------- is used in arranging the elements
Atomic mass
Ionic charge
Mass number
Atomic number

4 ________and____________ tried to classify elements into periods
De Chancourtois and Dobereiner
De Chancourtois and Le Chatile
Gibbs and Dobereiner
Graham and Dalton

5 Potassium compounds can be used for all but one of the following
liquid detergents
Plant fertilizer
Manufacture of glass
Gun Powder

6 Except for rubidium and caesium,
All common cations are larger than all common anions
All common cations are of the same size with all common anions
The cations are not avaliable
All common cations are
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