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Question #32729
What is the reaction between the UNBURNT HYDROCARBON and CARBONDIOXIDE.the UNBURNT HYDROCARBON(released from the silencer of the bike-two wheeler).UNBURNT HYDROCARBON+CARBONDIOXIDE=? ITS AN EMERGENCY.PLEASE HELP.
Expert's answer
Some of the carbon atoms may remain stuck together with each other and with some of the hydrogen atoms as well, so that unburned hydrocarbon molecules (mostly smaller than the ones in the original fuel) can also come out the tailpipe. These unburned hydrocarbons (plus any fuel hydrocarbons that evaporate from the fuel system before getting into the engine to be burned at all) react with nitrogen oxides (another pollutant from combustion) in the presence of sunlight to form ozone, which is a lung irritant (the "ozone layer" in the stratosphere is a shield against the sun's ultraviolet light, but at ground level ozone is the main component of "photochemical smog"). Carbon atoms can also remain stuck to one another with few or no hydrogen atoms attached, especially during incomplete combustion of diesel fuel, producing soot.

Unburnt hydrocarbons:
- they are basically left over(unburned parts of a hydrocarbon) E.g Octane a hydrocarbon(those made up of hydrogen and carbon) is present in petrol and the unburned hydrocarbon is the hydrocarbon present in octane which we see in form of smoke in air.

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom CO2.It is produced in respiration by plants and by animalsbacteria etc., .Carbon dioxide is formed or produced duting combustion of fossil fuels or vegetables matter and its carbon dioxide is emitted from volcanoes.


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